THANKS TO St Thomas USVI ASA Certification Cruise & Learn GROUP 2021

depart: Sat/ May 29, 2021
| return: Sat/ June 5, 2021

$1995 / price     $500 / deposit

What a week! All of you were totally amazing! Great team work! New students but best of all.......new friends!

Huge thanks! Capt Stacey & FM Allison

BVI ASA Certification Cruise & Learn 2022

depart: Sat/ April 9, 2022
| return: Sat/ April 16, 2022

$1995 / price     $500 / deposit

Classic week of Cruise & Learn sailing with Sea Dog! Join us out of Scrub Island BVI for a week of fun, challenging sailing. Vacation while you get ASA Certified. All certs and levels of certification achievable will be based on previous experience. This is a 101, 103 and 104 course. Come with prior knowledge or hardly any at all! We are here to make sure you have a fun, safe and skill filled holiday! Call, text or email Stacey for details! 

Stacey and Allison are the ultimate sailing team! We first met in Croatia about 7 years ago and I have sailed with them maybe five times since! Including Cuba which was so different and so beautiful! Vijay Vikkani