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Sea Dog Sailing's Favorite Recipes
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"It's gonna be a long beat--- You gotta EAT!." EASY CHEESY ONION BACON BREAKFAST FRITTATA

Great to serve on the morning before a long beat when getting into the galley will test the best of sailors' mettles! A good solid breakfast, and easy to make. You can cook the bacon/etc, the night before if you like to save time in the morning

Cheese, bacon (if desired), dozen eggs, butter, onions, seasonings, cream cheese, tomatoes, potatoes (if des.)

Quantities: Use whatever you have on hand!

Feeds Crew of 6-8, or use less eggs, for smaller version.

Pre-heat oven to 375 deg. Grease large casserole dish with butter. Grate about a cup of hard cheese, set aside. Fry bacon, drain, set aside. Sauté one large onion until soft in some bacon drippings (reserve a couple of thin slices for garnish). Place cooked onions in bottom of casserole dish, layer with bacon, then top with grated cheese. In large bowl, lightly whisk a dozen eggs, seasoning with salt/pepper/pinch cayenne pepper/crazy salt, etc. to taste. Pour over mixture in casserole. Decorate with thin slices of onion rings. Place dollops of cream cheese on top of mixture (one per crew member). Bake until done (about 35-40 min).

Open oven occasionally to tilt pan and lift edges of frittata to allow uncooked liquid to move to edges.

Serve immediately with toast and marmelade! Enjoy!


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